Born out of tragedy in 1949 after a migrant camp fire killed two children of seasonal workers, The Center continues to serve our community's children with educational and enrichment programs.  For many working parents, The Center is a lifeline.  Their children flourish in our many programs and play safely on the six acre farm and fields donated to create The Center in the 1950s.

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                                                    FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, BONNIE MICHELLE CANNON


Our staff is working harder than ever. After-School is back, masked and socially distancing. Southampton Town has loaned us the Senior Center next door for more safe classroom space. The Center is serving and caring for our children, families, and our community.  Our food pantry, that Pre-COVID served 70 people a month, is now feeding over 700 individuals weekly. We have given out 43 emergency assistance checks to families in need.


                                                          We are asking for your help now and for our future.

We are so looking forward to having more children in our Summer Program this year.. We had fewer children in 2020 because of pandemic protocols. Our program, as always, will include a strong component to prevent the Summer slide in learning, including this year, working with coding and drones to strengthen S.T.E.A.M. skills. Our After-School needs more teachers to help with the challenges of social distancing and incorporating remote and in person learning. Families, especially ours, need after school care to be able to return to work.


                                      We wish we had the new building now, so that we could be serving more kids!


Our D.R.E.A.M. Teens are meeting regularly. Their foundation is based on Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude, and Motivation. Their continued work with inspirational speakers has helped to calm and encourage our teens, during these uncertain times. Weekly SAT classes, with extra math help.are happening on Sundays and we have 5 teens starting college this Fall,

                                                                        $300 will feed a family of 4 for one week

                                                                 $500 provide certified individual on-line tutoring

                                                              $1,000 support of Teen and College Prep Programs


                                                                           PLEASE SUPPORT OUR MISSION


                                                                          Stay Safe. Peace and Blessings,