Born out of tragedy in 1949 after a migrant camp fire killed two children of seasonal workers, The Center continues to serve our community's children with educational and enrichment programs.  For many working parents, The Center is a lifeline.  Their children flourish in our many programs and play safely on the six acre farm and fields donated to create The Center in the 1950s.

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                                                    FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, BONNIE MICHELLE CANNON

These certainly are challenging times.


The Center has served our community’s children and families since 1954.  Even during this very difficult year we expanded and developed our programming. The need continues to grow for our underserved families. We are asking for your support to help us grow.


Lots of good keeps happening at The Center. We are developing a new high-skilled work force training program called “Teach Me How to Fish”. We have launched a Latinx Program to teach English and Spanish and to assist in translation for our families with a language barrier. We hired a Substance Misuse and Community Outreach advocate. 


Our D.R.E.A.M. Teens are meeting regularly in person, via ZOOM and Instagram chats. Their foundation is Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude, and Motivation. We have One on One College Guidance and weekly SAT Prep. Five of our students will be heading to 4-year colleges in the Fall. Thanks to The Center’s individual counseling, all received more than $20,000 per year in scholarship funds, not including their work/study programs.


                                                                   We are asking for your help now and for our future.

The Center’s food pantry continues to feed over 700 individuals a week. We served 70 a month pre-COVID. The need is not going away anytime soon. Our After-School programs offer educational, arts enrichment, and emotional support curriculum. We have Saturday extra help Math and Reading Clubs, ZOOM Bedtime stories, classes in STEAM, “Take a Book” Fridays, Scrabble and Chess Clubs.


                                                We wish we had the new building now, so that we could be serving more kids!


Watching our new building rise is bringing lots of joy and hope for the future to everyone at The Center- our children, families, and teachers. The new building will be ready to welcome more children by the end of the year. We will need more teachers and still need to raise funds to furnish, equip and sustain the larger building.


                             We need your Support this year more than ever and hope that you will be part of our Journals.

                                                                        $300 will feed a family of 4 for one week

                                                                 $500 provide certified individual on-line tutoring

                                                              $1,000 support of Teen and College Prep Programs


                                                                           PLEASE SUPPORT OUR MISSION


                                                                           Peace and Blessings Always,