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Every Monday – Friday during the school year we offer homework help and enrichment programs. The Center is a lifeline for working families, Discounts provided to parents that volunteer.,

The best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning.

D.R.E.A.M (Dedication, Motivation, Education, Attitude, Motivation)Teens meet weekly. This is a free program for 13-19 year olds. Building Self-Esteem througn group and individual mentoring.

The camp serves 80 local children for the two months of July and August. Always  fully subscribed, the program has a strong educational component to help prevent the "Summer Slide" in learning..

 Inspired by Jazz for Jennings, Jon Faddis’ workshops for our camp kids and his donation of a trumpet. We now have keyboards, two trumpets, two pianos, African drums and a set of standard drums. .

Created during the holiday season. The children learn to set up orderly displays, learn the art of salesmanship and manage the payments for the purchases. It is a young entrepreneurship program.

This is provided on demand, offering help in making copies, sending faxes, filling out forms, providing transportation and emergency housing assistance.

Young Artists in Residence Project, at the Watermill Center meets once a week and strengthens experiences in visual and performance art.  Click here to see the YARP program in action.

Meets once a week at the Center or at the Parrish Museum-expanding creativity and exposure to fine arts.

The Center looks for business partners who would be willing to look at resumes of recent high school, college and trade school graduates and offer career guidance.

The Center has its own food pantry partnered with Island Harvest. They are able to provide fresh food and meats along with canned and toiletries to their families in need twice a week.

This introduces cultural experiences, Broadway shows, dance performances, exercise classes, book clubs, special events and trips to the after school kids, teens and the broader community.

Our comprehensive program begins with 9th graders and follows our students through the freshman year of college. It includes SAT Prep classes, practice tests, PSAT learning sessions, one on one counseling, seminars on college admissions and the art of college essay writing. The very affordable fee is incentivized to be partially refunded for attendance of the classes and success in test results.

Serves the After- School Program,
the Teen’s Program & the Summer Camp. Meeting once or twice a week with
hands on cooking experience, tending and learning from the Center’s organic “Soul Garden” and engaging in discussions
about healthy eating.

Once a week  during the off season in the Hamptons- four kids from the After-School program or the teen group get to dress up and accompanied by one of their teachers enjoy a meal at a local restaurant-learning the art of fine dining, socialization, proper etiquette and manners for their futures.

The challenges for our marginalized families have increased dramatically. The Center hired our first ever Substance Misuse and Community Outreach Advocate in 2020, Kim Jones. These were and continue to be challenging times with the fear of COVID, the stress of job and housing losses and food insecurity. Kim provides one on one counseling for individuals and families and does Community Outreach. Kim is a Senior Prevention Coordinator, Peer Recovery Coach, Family Peer Advocate, and a NYS Certified Active Parenting Leader. She began a Recovery Group, a Father’s Parenting group and offers monthly talks on wellness and healthy living.
In 2021 Dora Romero, joined our team as our new IN-HOUSE NYS Licensed Social Worker. She has already made quite an impact at The Center. Dora handles Case Management and Individual/Family Counseling. She is Bilingual English/Spanish and does clinical evaluation and crisis intervention for our families, adolescent therapy, and has expertise with child victims of sexual abuse

VIVA at The Center/ Un Programa Latino  

Valiente-BRAVE/ Inteligente- SMART/Valioso-IMPORTANT/Ambicioso- ASPIRING  


V.I.V.A. is the Latinx Program at The Center offering programs and services geared toward our Latinx Community. The Center is embracing our community with English and Spanish classes, translation assistance, family counseling, legal services, and ENL classes. 

Discussions are led by community leaders and encourage families to learn and understand more about local and broader political issues and the importance of voting.
We begin and continue important conversations about race and equality, These talks educate, inspire and open eyes
and hearts to the ineqalities that continue to persist today.
Speakers discuss topics of interest, issues and share life stories with teens and adults   Educating, inspiring and providing positive role models..
These talks and forums tackle health issues specifically targeting minorities and working class families.
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