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TEACH ME HOW TO FISH- Work Force Training Overview  

TEACH ME HOW TO FISH is a High Skills Workforce Training Strategy. It is designed to help community members (ages 18-45) achieve a path to financial security through specialized skills that help open doors of opportunity that lead to career paths and upward economic mobility.   

This is not just a program; it is a strategy.  

We are currently focusing our efforts in these sectors:  

  • STEAM/IT—Software Engineering  

    • Through a partnership with We Connect the Dots  

    • 6-month full time, 9-month part time  

    • Internship opportunity for graduates with Soter Technologies  

      • 3 month paid internship through a braided funding process with Soter, Suffolk County Department of Labor, and The Center.  

  • Real Estate  

    • Through a partnership with Michael Daly and Douglas Elliman Real Estate  

      • 75 Hour Real Estate Licensure Course with live virtual instruction and personal coaching/mentoring throughout  


  • Clean Energy/Trades (Starting Fall 2022)  

  • Entrepreneurship  

    • Supporting community entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses through coaching, mentoring, assistance with MWBE certification and small business growth opportunities  


We targeted these fields. They are each high growth areas with opportunities leading to upward economic mobility.  For each of our tracks, The Center provides the support necessary to help ensure success:  Coaching, mentoring, counseling, life skills, resume building, self-marketing techniques and other supports as needed.  Each participant is assigned a life-coach to help guide them through the process, discuss life challenges and opportunities, job placement, and link them to additional services.   

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