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What I like the best about After School at The Center is chess class! I love chess. I also really like our boys club on Mondays because we go to an ice skating rink and play ice hockey.


Age 8

I really like coming to The Center because I get help with my homework. I like it also when one of my teachers, Mr. Casey, reads outloud to us. After we do our homework we go once a week to The Watermill Center. We do a lot of artsy things there. I like going on field trips also like to the Aquarium.


Age 7

I have a hard time with homework sometimes. The teachers at The Center help me a lot. The teachers at my school think I’m doing much better now that I get help. After homework I like playing with the toys like Legos and the dollhouse. I also enjoy painting on the east and watching my friend put on a puppet show! Like art class with Miss Madolin from the Parrish Art Museum. She always has a fun art project. 


Age 6

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